Whole Health Small Groups

The primary purpose of Whole Health Small Groups is to create nurturing environments that foster relationships, developed in previous phases of the cycle of evangelism, that serve as a bridge between health and the spiritual. These small groups help us show participants that health is not only physical, but includes the mental, social, and spiritual aspects of our multi-faceted beings. They prepare hearts and minds for future evangelistic series.

So why small groups? It has been scientifically-proven that people with few opportunities for social interaction have a mortality rate 50% higher than their more social counterparts who engage in a variety of social activities and relationships.  Studies have also shown that people thrive and succeed when there is a support system, a social network, where people share common goals that foster camaraderie as they strive to achieve them. Through small groups we are better able to nurture the seeds of friendship and love that are planted in participants’ hearts – bringing people along, step-by-step, until they are ready to receive the fullness of gospel truth.

Small groups are formed from the ground up and are designed to grow people, not churches, because if a church’s programs are focused on producing healthy, growing people, it stands to reason, you will have healthy, growing churches.


This is your church’s evangelistic series.