Support Our Projects

Thank you for visiting our donation page. The Beehive is committed to demonstrating God’s self-less love through innovative, health education, and divine humanitarian aid both in international fields as well as the complex cities of the US in practical and relevant ways. If you would like to support any of our important ministry efforts, choose one or more that touches your heart or which God impresses you to support. Any and every amount counts. Your gift is tax-deductible and you will receive a receipt. May the Lord bless the gift and giver!

Domestic U.S. General Fund

Your donations help the Beehive to continue to create more innovative ways for churches to do outreach, reaching people in the cities.


The Community Health Advocate Training (CHAT) program is spreading across the country with a mission to set up in the cities of the world with trained, godly individuals who draw close to the people and make a difference in their lives. Your donation will help to set up this growing network.

Beehive Global Headquarters

Your donation will assist in setting up a country property that will serve as our global training center, as well as the Beehive retreat from the city. In addition, we would like to establish a model pipeline for at-risk urban youth to experience the transformational power of a natural country setting.