What is CHAT YOUniversity?

The problems the church faces and seeks to comfort and heal are not only challenging, but are also as varied as the church is diverse. A one-size-fits-all approach has proven ineffective. Complex problems require a comprehensive approach to solving them. In realization of that, CHAT YOUniversity, a ministry of Beehive International, was born. CHAT YOUniversity offers a web-based, learning experience contained in one place that speaks to the multi-faceted issues of the world, equipping those who have a passion for community health to minister to the array of problems plaguing our world. We offer not only online study, but also CHAT Applied, a one-week, in-person class.



CHAT YOUniversity courses teaches health issues in a way that is suitable for those that are entr…Learn More


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Quality Teaching

Our teachers come from very diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise, ranging from Pastors to D…
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Christ-centered Teaching

The focus of our message and method is what makes us unique: Christ His love and the gospel are a…Learn More

Supplemental In-class

As an added benefit for our students, we offer a one-week, in-person intensive called CHAT Applie…Learn More

Tangible Outcome and Collaboration

The online series of courses provide practical techniques to use for ministering health to famili…Learn More


Our courses are priced to provide you maximum benefits at a cost that won’t break the bank.

Innovative Instruction

We specialize in taking the timeless message of Christ and placing it in a framework that will re…
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