Great Health Controversy

Explaining the battle for your mind.

From Sickness to Health

Educational health programs with unique interactions between “Health” and “Sickness”.

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Who we are, what we stand for, and the work to be done in YOUR community.

Our Mission

Our mission is to demonstrate God’s self-less love through innovative health education and humanitarian aid by drawing close to individuals, ministering to their needs, and revealing the love of Christ in practical and relevant ways.


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“We just finished going through the Healthy Self program where we had 55 people attending. It was just an incredible blessing to our community.  Initially, it started out with a Beehive presenter coming and doing the five-day seminar. We then had the 10 week follow-up with an average of 40-50 people showing up each week for ten weeks. I highly encourage churches to invite the Beehive for your church… just a huge blessing in making a difference in our community.” Pastor Scott Tyman, Tacoma Central SDA Church

“We have witnessed firsthand the amazing, life-changing results of combining the health ministry with the Everlasting gospel. We very highly recommend the C.H.A.T. training and Beehive’s live seminars to every pastor and every church as a successful, proven and affordable strategy to foster member participation, revival, reformation and high-impact evangelism!”Pastor Mark and Monica Cockerham
Yakima, Washington