This phase encompasses your church’s evangelistic series.  By this point in the cycle of evangelism, attendees have been sufficiently-prepared and nurtured in the safety of your Whole Health Small Group; the soil of their hearts are now prepared to receive “the seed” of the full-Gospel.

It is a well-known fact that people are more inclined to accept an invitation to a prophecy series from a friend, than from a stranger, or a card in the mail. The first five phases of the Beehive’s Cycle of Evangelism prepare your contacts, mentally and spiritually, for receiving, embracing, and joyfully applying the eternal truths presented from God’s word.  Why?  Because the invitation will come from a friend, someone with whom they have developed a meaningful relationship at some point in the cycle.  The Beehive’s Cycle of Evangelism is Christ’s Method made practical!

New Member Integration

Train and equip new believers.