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From the Natural to the Spiritual

If one observes nature, there are many practical life lessons to be learned.  For instance, honey bees are very social insects and are quite organized and efficient workers when assigned a task. Each insect plays a part in the success and livelihood of the beehive. However, their sphere of influence goes far beyond the confines of the hive.  The profound impact of their pollinating activities can be seen in the surrounding landscape, on local flora, flowering plants and, most importantly, food crops – helping them to grow and prosper.

With this visual in mind, the industrious honey bee not only works close to home, contributing to the successful operation of the hive; but also ventures miles from home to support the mission of the hive –  and in doing so, promotes life and health everywhere it goes in its world, producing a harvest the world over.

It is from this cycle the Beehive organization takes its cue.

 Who We Are

The Beehive International was founded in 2009, and since then, has blossomed into several unique ministries and services focused on improving the health and well-being of those with whom we come in contact. Our desire as a ministry is to reach the urban centers of the world, which are home to more than half of the earth’s total population today.

We have developed an innovative cycle of evangelism that holistically integrates the gospel and health to reach major cities. Central to the cycle of evangelism is the Community Health Advocate Training (C.H.A.T.) – a web-based education program; a captivating weekend seminar – the Great Health Controversy, and finally; a health-focused seminar based on “From Sickness to Health” – a series of full-length episodes on health currently airing on 3ABN, Dare to Dream Network, and ARtv.

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