Cycle of Evangelism

For the past seven years, the Beehive Ministry has been on the cutting edge of research and development of health evangelism resources and seminars that equip churches to do effective outreach. This evangelism cycle is perfectly suited for reaching the cities, both large and small. We have carefully structured these programs in a seven-phase process, which can be easily integrated into your church’s annual evangelism calendar. This cycle encourages Total Member Involvement with the goal of winning souls to Christ and inspiring optimal health for the church itself.

For churches without marketing skills or a plan and are wondering: “how can we put together a relevant, dynamic, and comprehensive marketing plan? Well, we’ve got your church covered. Churches don’t have to make any of the preparation in terms of materials. All the heavy lifting has been done. You do not need to be knowledgeable about marketing or health. You will be provided with strategies for both training for members as well as ancillary seminar materials. What does that leave? Planning, participation and loving the people who come are the only areas left for the church to do! Too good to be true, stop overthinking it, it’s really that simple.

Great Health Controversy

This initial phase is a weekend seminar to rally and galvanize your church in preparation for health outreach.

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The Community Health Advocate Training (CHAT) Program is a one-of-a-kind, at your own pace online course to prepare individuals, groups, and churches to conduct health education seminars using Christ Method of Evangelism.

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From Sickness to Health

A 5-day seminar modeled after the TV program strictly for the community. It targets the most difficult people to reach – atheists, millennials and the rapidly growing number of people who identify themselves as having no religious affiliation.

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Healthy Self

A 5 or 10-week, small group meeting, utilizing Beehive’s latest book Healthy Self: 10 Habits of the Longest Living Americans, to allow God’s people to lovingly interact with and guide a community into better health.

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Whole Health Small Group

Small group studies that seamlessly transition people from health principles to a combination of both the gospel and health.

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This phase is your church’s evangelistic series. It is well known that people are more inclined to except an invitation to a prophecy series from a friend than from a stranger or a card in the mail. The five previous phases of Beehive’s Cycle of Evangelism will prepare your contacts mentally and spiritually to receive, embrace and apply the eternal truths from God’s word.

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New Member Integration

This final phase trains and equips new believers and integrates them into the work of the church. Members are taken through church history, spiritual gifts assessment, and C.H.A.T., helping them to find their place within the body.

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