Great Health Controversy

The Great Health Controversy helps rally and galvanize churches in preparation for health outreach. Through six exciting, eye-opening presentations, individuals will learn the role health plays in the Great Controversy. The rise in disease and sickness is evidence of this intensifying warfare. This weekend shows you how to position yourself on the winning side. Utilizing the principles of the Bible and current, scientific studies, you will learn how to transition from sickness to health and develop a deeper understanding of Christ Jesus… who is prominently placed at the center of the health message.
Six dynamic presentations are covered in three days during this transformative weekend.  The first session begins on Friday evening, continues Sabbath morning for divine service, and the Sabbath is brought to a close with a dynamic presentation that breaks the Great Health Controversy down to its simplest terms. The weekend ends on Sunday with a presentation and demonstration of disease-fighting nutrition, designed to provide practical information church members can use effectively to reach their community.  Topics include: When Animals Begin to Speak and 10 Steps Ahead: The Evidence.

“The Great Health Controversy is the most Christ-centered, Biblically-based presentation of the Health Message I have ever witnessed. I have never seen so much bible and Jesus in the health message. This is a program I always include for the training of my churches for service.” Pastor Carlos McConico, Ebenezer SDA Church, Philadelphia, PA

The Beehive Ministry has made a tremendous impact on my physical and spiritual health! It opened my eyes more on how the gospel and health are perfectly linked together to save humanity and how the medical missionary work reveals the gospel and character of Jesus. Because of this training, it has begun to spark interest in the churches as we share the Great Health Controversy Seminars here in Hawaii to prepare souls for the soon Advent of Christ.” Marc Pasion


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