CHAT – Community Health Advocate Training is an online training designed to educate, equip and engage Seventh-day Adventists with the high calling of using health to bless the world with the desire to lead people to Jesus and His Church. Our online course is comprised of over 65 presentations from experts in many areas of ministry: physicians, pastors, evangelists, health care professionals, literature evangelists and more. If you want to be equipped to more effectively reach your community with the everlasting gospel, this course is for you.

In addition, there will be upcoming modules RELEASED EVERY QUARTER to provide more in-depth content for medical missionaries trained in our CHAT program, including

  • CHATting with Hydrotherapy (MARCH 2016),

  • CHATting about Home Health Coaching (MAY 2016)

  • CHATting about Heart Health with Dr. Schubert Palmer, cardiologist (MAY 2016)

  • CHATting with Exercise, and

  • CHATting with The Science of Cooking

This site is organic in many respects because of the content that will be added on a consistent basis to provide all CHAT graduates with the necessary tools to draw close to individuals as one who desires their own good and to bid them to follow Jesus.

In order to successfully complete this online course, there are a few required texts that are available on our site:

  1. Medical Textbook (Bible)
  2. Ministry of Healing
  3. CHAT Manual



MH Cover Page

After you have downloaded and gathered the required materials, click on each Module below to view the lessons, view presentations, and move on to the next lesson. At the end of each Module you will be given a quiz covering the topics in the lesson.

Once you have completed all lessons and quiz you will be able to move on to the next Module. If you do not get the minimum score that we have set up in each quiz, you can view which questions you got wrong and then you must repeat the quiz until you get an adequate score to move on to the next Module.

If you have not yet purchased the course, you can do so here.


Course Materials

Bible, The Ministry of Healing, Internet Connection, Computer Access and CHAT Manual/Workbook.

Course Content

Lessons Status

Lesson 1 – Principles of Nutrition and Healing


Lesson 2 – What is Man? A Body Thou Hast Prepared Me


Lesson 3 – The Great Health Controversy


Lesson 4- The Role of Health in the Plan of Salvation


Lesson 5 – The Ministry of Healing


Lesson 6 – Christ’s Method Alone


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